September 28, 2017  00:04  |  Fashion

MUJOSH - SwO magazine

Photo – MUJOSH ©

This crossover project presents MUJOSH’s dynamic attitude and respects for the young and inspirational designs. The fashion eyewear brand has collaborated with LCX of Harbor City in Hong Kong and HEDOF.

LCX has launched a series of exciting programs under the theme of “Evolution in Style” to celebrate its 15th birthday with a fascinating kick-off event on Sept 27. Every corner of LCX has been decorated with sculptures, installations, and posters of HEDOF illustrations, which made up a dreamlike fantasyland in an international shopping mall.

This crossover project was initiated by LCX who invited the award-winning Netherlands-based illustrator, Rick Berkelmans (owns HEDOF) to create an exclusive piece of artwork to celebrate LCX’s 15th birthday.

As what MUJOSH believes, glasses are not only tools to improve eyesight, but also fashionable items to differentiate wearers and make them stand out from the crowd. A sunglasses pouch can also be fashionable enough to express people’s taste, preference, and even personality.



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