MISKE Open Forest is an urban jungle art project like nothing before

March 3, 2020  19:21  |  News

Throughout September 2020, London Liverpool Street station will be transformed into a bright, green, and lush installation of art and plants.

Imagine looking up during your daily commute to see the station full of greenery, life, and vibrancy. Look a little closer and see art installations from some of London’s most thought-provoking artists.

MISKE Open Forest is an urban jungle art project like nothing before

Photo: MISKE archives ©

MISKE is a grassroots project founded on the belief that London’s green and beautiful future is made possible through community-driven sustainable change.

London is one of the most diverse cities on the planet. It is a beautiful mosaic of cultures, languages and people. We at MISKE believe in the power of nature to bring people together, to inspire us to make a positive green change, permanently.

The rapid urbanisation of our major cities has led to a disconnect from nature, damaging our physiological and psychological health, as well as our climate and air quality. We believe that this does not need to be an inevitability; cities like Singapore and Madrid have seen great success with indoor green installations. Now it is London’s time.

Over the course of a 3 week installation, 5 million visits will be transformed by entering a space of creativity, connection, and inspiration. Intertwined with the trees will be art pieces that inspire us to reconnect with the world around us, and question what we could be doing to encourage its well-being.

We will bring a living forest to the doorsteps of 200,000 people a day. We will provide free exhibition space to up and coming London artists, supporting our vibrant art community. We will provide workshops and events on a range of green topics from mindfulness to sustainability, reflecting the diverse community we are working and living within.

And when it’s all wrapped up, we will replant over 7000 plants in Victoria Park, providing a space the local community can enjoy and use long into the future.

Transforming London Liverpool Street Station into a 353 square foot urban forest is only possible through the generous support of community members and the public. Special thanks go to Network Rail for their impassioned support of this project and for our partner Tower Hamlets Borough Council. To support the project, pledge your support. 




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