Malo FW22/23 ‘Authentic Charme’

February 15, 2022  22:55  |  Fashion

Malo FW22/23 ‘Authentic Charme’

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The Florentine maison presents the Preview FW22/23 collection “Authentic Charme” and kicks off the celebrations for its 50th anniversary.

Malo, the historic Florentine maison specialising in cashmere knitwear, participates in WHITE MILANO, from 24 to 27 February 2022. On the occasion of the international tradeshow in the heart of the Tortona Fashion District, Malo presents the Preview FW22/23 collection “Authentic Charme”.

The FW22/23 collection sublimates the enchantment of natural charm. The protagonist, with its absolute beauty, is cashmere, treated with natural washes. Warm, enveloping, refined and worked only as Malo’s skilled artisan hands have been able to do for exactly half a century. Its fibre, in all its elegance, opens up giving a full and rich appearance, inviting the eye to settle and the hand to touch. The colours are those of natural tones too: white, beige, cream, camel, with hints of ultramarine turquoise, midnight blue and mineral greys. Knitwear of the highest and most sophisticated quality, which cloaks those who choose to wear it with softness and charm.

Malo FW22/23 ‘Authentic Charme’

For women, enveloping and soft outerwear are made with innovative finishing techniques, while ancient felting techniques have been revived to give life to very modern garments. Pants made entirely without seams, in fabric stitch for sustained comfort. Comfy chic style sweaters embellished with hand embroideries reminiscent of weaves made with basket-effect ribbons. Hand stitching runs on the pea coats. Sweaters with large volumes with a honeycomb mesh effect in alpaca and silk. Thin silhouettes that give a graphic, feminine sign, a modern and international woman. Also present the Re-cashmere, regenerated cashmere for sustainable total looks. For men, precious and honeycomb-worked jackets in full-bodied cashmere, handmade garments in cashmere, sweaters in precious alpaca with Nordic stitches or inlaid details.

A collection that enhances a natural allure, timeless class and sophisticated contemporaneity, placing yarns and fine manufacturing at the centre of everything. The undisputed protagonist is the knitwear and the skilful manual work it requires. Malo is a symbol of excellence, made up of attention to every little detail and enhancement of its artisan heritage. Among the most elaborate and particular processing techniques of the garments presented at WHITE stand out: hand-knitted cashmere ribbon with manual details, pearl stitch with hand-knitted cashmere ribbon details, 18-gauge cashmere and silk with mirror-like details, cashmere gauze with drawstring finishes, cashmere with Nordic stitches, alpaca with enlarged rice stitches, regenerated and compact cashmere with ribbed effects, compact cashmere, brushed wools, torn alpaca, cashmere with corroded edges.

A natural charm that distinguishes Malo, garments with a timeless style, characterized by suffused luxury and timeless elegance. That time is the subject of reflection in the new February edition of WHITE MILANO with the theme “Sign of the Times”. An inspiration that requires a new vision, a new point of view, to rethink a new era of fashion, kinder and less hectic, for the individual and the environment. A question Malo answers with its idea of fashion, which has always been the representative for innovation and a culture of well made, which necessarily requires a long, extended time. To look to the future without ever stopping working for only a great ideal: the enhancement of its roots and history.

Malo FW22/23 ‘Authentic Charme’

A story that, exactly this year, celebrates its 50th anniversary. Founded in 1972 in Florence, Malo is immediately synonymous with elegance but also with innovation. At a time when a quality cardigan demanded the Scottish label and offered very few colours, Malo conquers the top among the producers of cashmere knitwear in Italy with completely new shades and patterns for the consumer.

“We want to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Malo, underlining the pioneering spirit of our maison. In 1972, Malo wanted to give life to something new compared to what the market was offering. We have never stopped believing in this spirit – underlines the ownership of the Florentine maison – to celebrate this important date, we will be organizing various events in Italy and in our boutiques abroad, throughout 2022. The aim is to celebrate the history of the company and the people who work in it. We begin to celebrate our 50th anniversary by participating in White Milano, the undisputed “box” of innovative projects, and then continue with other stages that will be unveiled during the year.”




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