London fashion week diary. Day 3

September 25, 2012  17:28  |  News

London fashion week diary. Day 3

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I guess it‘d be a sacrilege to say that on the third day of the fashion week the separate world that I had discovered just disappeared. Today I understood one thing – it‘s not a place or an event that creates fashion. It‘s not even clothes. Fashion is created by the people who live in it.

 London fashion week diary. Day 3

As soon as I got into Somerset House, I didn‘t catch sight of a huge crowd of people; however, the same world of fashion that I was dreaming to visit for ages started building up in front of my eyes. It started settling from the wealth of colors shapes and smiles.

Sunday‘s fashion week started in a couple of second and when I wasn‘t even expecting it. And my scribbling into a black notebook leaning on the stone fence attracted some attention. And again, it felt like breathing fashion.

 London fashion week diary. Day 3

As odd as it sounds, the fashion week on a Sunday seemed relaxed just as it should be on a weekend. Observing the visitors made me notice – lazy blinking in the sun while waiting for the next show is the only action possible after a tiring morning trying to create a look that would serve you as a business card all day long.

 London fashion week diary. Day 3

Sunday afternoon made me embrace myself in a dreamy mood and observe every passenger while, at the same time, creating a story in my head. A single story or a separate one for everyone who passed me by. For some reason, while waiting for Paul Smith show, I started comparing myself to others. Started thinking… whether I am just a guest or already a part of this world.

 London fashion week diary. Day 3

I guess it‘s time to leave the dreamy paragraphs – the Paul Smith fashion show burst the bubble of a lazy Sunday making me open my mouth and not allowing to close it the whole show.

Imagine me, shyly standing with a black notebook in my hands, photo camera on my neck and definitely-not-for-my-weight-category weighing bag. A bit nervous. Trying to believe the size of a runway and the beauty of the room. Lazily looking around. Turning head to the right…ANNA DELLO RUSSO!!! You can now imagine trembling eyelashes and, probably, a vein jumping out of my neck. Deep breaths, deep breaths, look straight…LISA LOVE!!! And this was how I had to understand that all these goddesses are actually real people.

It‘s hard for me to describe the beauty of the collection. I wanted to stroke every sleeve of a blazer or a fold of the shorts. Colours, shapes, materials and the energy they all create – Paul Smith made a celebration for all the spectators. A celebration during which I tried not to blink – so that I wouldn‘t miss a thing.

 London fashion week diary. Day 3 London fashion week diary. Day 3

It gets sad when the event finishes – when you understand that there is not much of the week left. I start walking on a huge bridge, doing my best trying to cover myself with my jacket (the winds of London are rarely friendly). I start thinking what I‘ve seen and how to picture it in words. I go to catch the train in which all the napping people won‘t even have a clue about a dream that I‘ve just seen.


London fashion week diary. Day 3




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