Linda Linko goes ‘Frame’ #100

January 21, 2015  17:06  |  News

Linda Linko goes ‘Frame’ #100


Linda Linko is an independent Finish illustrator, which stands out with her ability of connecting bunch of imperfect shapes and creating one piece of collage art from them. Linda’s background encompasses studies at Helsinki University of Art and Design and works with many well-known brands as Adidas, Eskimo Recordings, Finnish National Gallery and so on. Her works are completely hand-made and they narrow the gap among design, illustration and art. They vary from black and white, ink based, paintings to super colourful and bright collages. Linda rarely uses perfectly finished shapes and patterns with clear forms. As she said herself “I like incompleteness. If everything’s polished to perfection, where’s the space for imagination?” Recently she designed the cover for the 100th issue of “Frame” – Dutch interior design magazine. The exclusivity of the cover was that author collected plenty of clippings from the old “Frame” issues and put them together to create the festive coat. Brightly coloured pieces, linked by Linda in harmony with one another, create a messy and tidy puzzle at the same time and make the readers go through the splendid past of the magazine just at one glance.

Linda Linko goes ‘Frame’ #100

Linda Linko goes ‘Frame’ #100



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