LE FIX SS15 film

September 9, 2014  00:20  |  Fashion

LE FIX SS15 film

Photos: LE FIX.

In a new film from Copenhagen’s Le Fix, the lifestyle brand explores the rougher side of the Danish capital. Harsh reality meets surreal elements and explores the wound of alienation among young outsiders – two young men and two young women – in a big city.

A fictive, yet realistic, dramatic narrative creates a unique combination of documentary, fiction, music video and fashion. The film borrows artistic effects from a wide array of genres, creating an ever-changing narrative composed of both slow-motion and handheld camerawork combined with atmospheric sound design, real sound, rap music and strings.

The visually beautiful imagery stands in stark contrast to the inescapable fact that it is almost impossible to cut the ties to the ghetto, giving a unique insight into a world many people are aware of exists but never acquaint themselves with. The film paints a dark vision of real life and moves on a periphery of youth, restlessness, riots and turmoil. Africa plays an important role in the film as the main character was born there and talks about the enormous difference between the wealth in Denmark and the poverty in Africa.


Director: Lasse Martinussen.

DoP: Jacob Møller.

Producer: Thomas Gram Veyssiere.

Production:  The Wœrks.

LE FIX SS15 film

LE FIX SS15 film

LE FIX SS15 film

LE FIX SS15 film



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