LAGOS Unveils Spring Styles

April 22, 2021  20:34  |  Fashion

LAGOS, the fine jewellery brand, makes it easy to update your wardrobe with versatile designs and a variety of silhouettes that encourage personal expression.

The brand’s iconic Caviar beading transforms sterling silver, 18K gold and ceramic into boldly feminine, sculptural jewellery that’s comfortable, wearable, and moves seamlessly with the body. With so many options to layer, stack, mix-and-match, LAGOS fan and Accessories Editor Paula Lee helps narrow the selection by revealing her top five picks for this transitional time.

LAGOS Unveils Spring Styles

Photo – LAGOS archive ©

Blue Caviar ceramic and diamonds transport you somewhere warm and glamorous until it’s safe to travel abroad. The vibrant colour reminds me of the sparkling Aegean Sea.

Modern 18K Caviar Gold drop earrings make a sleek statement, especially when paired with warm weather updos.

Zodiac Charms let you express your personality. Whether gifting yourself or a loved one, custom gifts are always appreciated.

Hearts are a classic motif to add to your collection. These earrings are special enough to join the repertoire and perfect statement pieces for video calls.

Stainless steel and white ceramic feel fresh for spring. A Smart Caviar bracelet dresses up the Apple Watch for those who prefer style over the sport.

The LAGOS Caviar collections offer a range of luxe looks from bold diamonds, gemstones and coloured ceramic to delicate, modern pearls and classic motifs in sterling silver and 18K gold. Whether this spring brings athleisure or adventure, feel confident with these recommended styles from fashion’s front row.




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