Kitty Shoes

January 12, 2013  21:59  |  Daily Inspiration Fashion

Kitty Shoes


It’s definitely not spring yet, but how can you resist a kitty on top of your shoe?! Anyways, you can never resist a cat. Here’s a thought for the Saturday – never laugh from your roommate when she spends hours checking cats pictures on the Internet, because you never know when you’ll fall in love with them.

Charlotte Olympia is absolutely one of the most important shoe designers of this century. Every self-respected blogger has at least one picture with her beauties and don’t make me start on celebrities…It serious – she’s on top! This Saturday we just can’t resist her Kitty Shoes.

 Kitty Shoes

Which ones do you choose – flats or heels? Black, red or leopard?

I would definitely go for all of them…

Kitty Shoes



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