Justice League Collection by ‘ALEX AND ANI’

November 18, 2017  21:18  |  Shopping


Photos – ALEX AND ANI ©

We are introducing the latest line of ALEX AND ANI and ‘Warner Bros. Consumer Products’ – Justice League Collection – a 6-piece capsule collection celebrating Warner Bros. Pictures’ action-adventure feature film in theatres now. Dedicated to creating meaningful, eco-conscious jewellery that positively empowers and connects humanity, ALEX AND ANI has crafted a special line of Kindred Cord bracelets to represent each of the iconic DC Super Heroes uniting to save the world onscreen in Justice League.

Hand-crafted with intention in Rhode Island, all ALEX AND ANI accessories harness power and meaning through symbolism, providing a vehicle for the wearer to express his or her individuality. Whether an ancient symbol that that has been around since the dawn of man or the emblems of the Justice League heroes, every ALEX AND ANI piece is meant to speak to the heart, representing a part of the wearer’s life and core. The promises to ignite the Super Hero within us all. Join the fight to defend and unite humanity.


You can buy SwO magazine’s favourite one HERE.