Just Grow It!

January 20, 2015  21:34  |  News

Nike bonzaii

Photos: epiphytegarden.com

Plant-sneakers? Seems like it! Christophe Guinet decided to take Nike’s shoes and even the slogan to the other, literally, greener dimension. Our world is ruled by huge corporations, known brands and products. This consumerism has taken over all the spheres of our lives and we just live day to day not noticing anything what is actually real, natural. Christophe (better known as Monsieur Plant) is the artist, graphic designer and sculptor, who, since an early childhood was very concerned about the raw materials and the nature. In order to minimise the harm on environment, he creates artworks and compositions from plants. The recent project of Parisian artist was creating Nike sneakers from absolutely environmental materials as rocks, wood, poppies, seeds, flowers and their petals. The purpose of this project is to draw people’s attention to the real beauty, to appreciate what is natural, not only what is made in huge, grey factory. Well, although we cannot argue about the preferred lifestyle or favourite brands, the Monsieur Plant had definitely drawn some of our attention from the manufactured items to the raw materials. As his own mantra says: Think Nature!

Nike recycle

Nike Baze plant

Monsieur Plant

Nike Terre plant

Nike Terre plant



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