Jonathan Adler Home Fragrance Limited Edition Collection by Maison Berger

October 15, 2020  20:17  |  News

Jonathan Adler Home Fragrance Limited Edition Collection by Maison Berger

Photos – Maison Berger Paris ©

Maison Berger and Jonathan Adler come together with their limited edition collection of high-end home fragrance rituals. Maison Berger Paris’ one-of-a-kind scents blend with the bold universe and craftsmanship of Jonathan Adler. This collaboration gives birth to two collections both inspired by the designer’s iconic style. Each collection and scent have been crafted to bring Modern American Glamour to any interior.

“I only speak about 10 words of French, but two of them are definitely ‘Maison Berger!’ I was so excited to marry my designs to their iconic home fragrances and I hope you love the collection as much as I do. The best homes not only look good, they smell good too, n’est-ce pas?” said Jonathan Adler.

Jonathan Adler Home Fragrance Limited Edition Collection by Maison Berger

THE MUSE COLLECTION is inspired by the archetypal creations of Jonathan Adler and the desire to create a chic, elegant, and functional decor. The collection features three porcelain vessels with refined shapes and Adler’s surreal touches such as embossed lips with sparkling gold metallic details.

The catalytic lamp and the reed diffuser rituals display motifs from Jonathan Adler’s iconic Muse vase. Both tops’ patterns reproduce the artist’s famous table leg.

The scented candle ritual reflects the same design finesse.

The Muse rituals diffuse an exclusive perfume designed to transport you into a world of authenticity conveying values such as honesty and open-mindedness. Imperial Green Tea is rounded off with notes of sandalwood and a backdrop of modern musks.

THE Mr. & Mrs. COLLECTION pops with its bold graphic interplay between black and white and pays tribute to the genius of Salvador Dalí—a strong source of inspiration for Adler—representing his moustache, and to his muse, Misia Sert, representing her lips. The collection includes four different rituals:

Catalytic lamp

Reed diffuser

Scented candles

Car diffusers

Jonathan Adler Home Fragrance Limited Edition Collection by Maison Berger

The Mr. rituals are packed with Wilderness, a crafted fragrance that is at once powerful, conquering, and airy, with scents of tomato leaves that rub shoulders with citrus in the top notes.

The Mrs. rituals are filled with vibrant Citrus Breeze fragrance that possesses citrus facets—a favourite of Adler’s—as well as the presence of vetiver in the base note.

The Maison Berger X Jonathan Adler collaboration embodies the perfect alchemy between Modern American Glamour interior design & French luxury home fragrance.

“The combination of the unique and modern style of Jonathan Adler and the long tradition of Maison Berger for the finest home fragrances is creating an extraordinary range of products and emotions. We are truly proud and extremely excited to launch this new collection across the globe,” said Maison Berger North America President Guillaume Wehrlin.

The full collection is available at or, and in Jonathan Adler stores.