Jeremy Scott

February 15, 2013  12:59  |  Fashion

Jeremy Scott

“Adults Suck, Then You Are One”! “Too Weird To Live”! “Rescue Me”! That’s what Jeremy Scott says this season!

This guy gave some spicy “Punks Not Dead” accent to a sophisticated NYFW this season. People may still be guessing who are those weird creatures with dangling eyeballs and drooling mouths on skirts, shirts and hoodies. Probably the answer knows only the designer. He describes the collection like “very much a teenage boy’s messy, puke-y fantasy”. Green eyes, melting SpongeBob faces (don’t they look like that?) and punk attitude rocked the runway and probably will rock the streets in the cold season.


Crazy? YES!

Weird? Oh YES!

Like it? No, LOVE it!

Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott





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