JENG WUEI Launches Environmentally Friendly Plastic Containers Made from Recycled Materials

November 11, 2020  15:30  |  News

JENG WUEI Launches Environmentally Friendly Plastic Containers

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Jars, bottles and pots for skincare creams and lotions, makeup such as loose powder, mascara and lip gloss, and many other products are essential components of every cosmetic and beauty collection and brand worldwide.

All of the above are produced by Taiwan’s most renowned jar manufacturer, and they have chosen Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week to introduce their new PP PCR and PET PCR jars to the five-day event’s worldwide attendees.

JENG WUEI’s eco-friendly new products

In an industry where the health of the Earth should be as important as the wellbeing of the customer, saving resources and creating packaging from recycled materials is not only desirable for the market, it is vital for our future.

Being at the forefront of jar manufacturing in Taiwan, JENG WUEI is fully aware that in recent years more and more customers have been asking for plastic containers made with recycled materials, and their engineers have responded.

The company’s new PP PCR and PET PCR jars, which stand beside their extensive existing catalogue of jars, are examples of beautiful design as well as environmental conscience.

JENG WUEI Launches Environmentally Friendly Plastic Containers

Their PP Bi-Injection Jars and PP Double Injection Jars are able to take on multiple appearances and complete capacity, while the inside and outside are able to adopt different colours. The PET Thick Wall jar is similarly able to be created in the shape, colour, appearance and decoration according to each customer’s brand protocols and creative wishes.





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