Japanese Rope Artist Hajime Kinoko Will Debut His First Installation in AR as an NFT on Ethereum

May 11, 2021  21:00  |  News

Entitled “Samsara,” this is a unique opportunity for art collectors and investors to own an exceptional artwork inspired by the rich subculture of Japan. “Samsara” is an ambitious, one-of-a-kind project combining performance art, cryptocurrency and 3D imaging as an NFT.

Japanese Rope Artist Hajime Kinoko Will Debut His First Installation in AR as an NFT on Ethereum

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The piece — a massive rope art installation rendered in 3D — is the result of a collaboration between Hajime Kinoko, the world’s preeminent “shibari” artist, and Zak Shibuya of Reality Production Management (RPM). “Shibari,” also known as “kinbaku,” is a style of rope art in Japan.  It has never before been captured this way in digital form for augmented reality.

The drop date for Hajime Kinoko and Zak Shibuya’s work is scheduled to be May 22, 2021 at 09:30 PST. Interested parties can bid using cryptocurrencies including Ethereum and stablecoins such as USDC.

In regards to the NFT, Hajime Kinoko said “I’d like for people all over the world to be able to share in my creative vision. I am making this installation in AR so my fans who can’t come to Japan can view it wherever they like even during the global pandemic.”

As an artist, Hajime Kinoko continues to push the boundaries of “shibari” to international recognition, performing exhibitions and workshops at dozens of cities worldwide as well as working with musicians such as Koda Kumi. Kinoko’s medium is the human body and his brush is the rope, expressed as his exclusive style of performance art.

“Samsara,” the first all-digital addition to his “Red Series,” is the first time that one of his installations will be available for purchase online through the power of NFTs.

All over the world, artists use numerous mediums such as paper, canvas and the blank screen to create their work. However, when most people hear the word “art,” they cannot easily imagine something as thought-provoking as a sculpture made entirely out of rope that embraces and encompasses performers.

Kinoko said, “My aim is to make my models even more beautiful.” By constantly perfecting his craft over time with this aim in mind, he has become arguably the top “shibari” artist in the world.

Kinoko and Zak will host the drop live @rpm.tokyo (Instagram) on May 22, 9:30 AM PST which will include a live “shibari” performance with a first look at the NFT. The live stream will also include a related event of which royalties will be donated to a charity in Tokyo.

Zak Shibuya, an innovator who works across art, sub-culture and technology, recognized the opportunity to introduce this refined Japanese art form to new frontiers and audiences overseas.

Zak and Kinoko first met at the 2021 Tokyo Art Fair and quickly became close friends as well as collaborative partners. Starting with a special installation at Kinoko’s studio, their projects have evolved to include the latest combination of rope art, photography and 3D Imaging. These are now being made available as NFTs.

Multiple technical hurdles have to be overcome in creating a digitized 3D model from a large-scale art installation. The creative process scans and faithfully reproduces Hajime Kinoko’s intricate rope art installation with further refinement by a team of skilled artists in 3D Imaging from Hollywood.

Capturing artwork involves LIDAR scanning for initial modelling in 3D, then improving these scans with professional character artists to create a new style of immersive digital artwork. The result is a world-first shibari installation experience in Augmented Reality (AR).

Zak Shibuya and Reality Production Machine are dedicated to introducing the best of art and sub-culture from Japan. This initial launch is just the first step in a series of collaborations with famous Japanese subculture icons and artistic visionaries. Zak remains committed to partnering with the most talented creators to develop exceptionally compelling artistic works that can be released globally as NFTs.

Zak Shibuya said, “My goal is to open up access to enthusiasts, art collectors and investors worldwide that remain amazed at the latest trends emerging from Japan. I encourage those with cutting-edge taste who can truly appreciate the intersection of art and technology to stay in touch and see what we have coming out on our radar.”


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