ITS 2019, Sincerely True

February 5, 2019  22:40  |  News

ITS – International Talent Support marks the 2019 edition by opening the doors of its new home: the ITS Arcademy, the space where global creativity is welcomed and shared and where everyone can compete in a positive dialogue that looks to the future.

ITS 2019, Sincerely True

Photo: ITS Creative Archive ©

The ITS Arcademy comes from the international experience of Barbara Franchin and the EVE team, who in 18 years of passionate research have brought to Trieste the best emerging talents in the field of fashion, accessories and jewellery design. By building and nurturing a valuable creative archive of international importance – the ITS Creative Archive – ITS has created the conditions for opening a global gym of creativity, a training and research space open not just for professionals but for any curious experimenter, from the youngest to the oldest.

The ITS Creative Archive is an archive of contemporary art unique in the world, a cultural, social and economic development resource that tells the evolution of contemporary fashion by opening a dialogue between the creations of yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is a growing collection, which includes 17,000 portfolios, over 220 outfits, over 200 accessories and jewellery pieces, more than 700 photographs and 100,000 images. Over the years, institutions such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, the MET, the Galliera Museum in Paris and the FIT museum in New York have explored the archive, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for journalists, insiders, students and teachers of schools and universities all over the world.

The term Arcademy comes from the fusion of the words Archive, Ark and Academy. It is a place where former finalists, jurors and the rest of the international ITS network will play an active role; it is a place where innovators, insiders from the fashion industry, scholars and visionary talents will be allowed to exchange experiences while brainstorming on the future of design, actively contributing to its realization.

The ITS Arcademy activities will explore the world of creativity through a wide range of events and courses: from those for the merely curious to those for professionals and companies, through training programs aimed at all age groups and different levels of experience.

The final event of ITS 2019, which will launch the ITS Arcademy, will take place in Trieste on July 12th, where emerging talents from all over the world will be the protagonists and where designers, journalists, trendsetters and artists will meet to trace the new routes of creativity and innovation. Together with their teachers and former finalists, ready to support the new generation of the ITS Family.



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