Italian Trade Agency Launches the Extraordinary Italian Jewelry Website

December 17, 2020  15:48  |  News

The Italian Trade Agency, the Italian government agency that supports the business development of Italian companies abroad and particularly small and medium-sized businesses, announces that its new U.S. hub to present the outstanding Made in Italy jewellery is now live. Valued at $1.54 billion for the year 2019, the Italian jewellery export business ranks among the most active trade balances for Italy. The U.S. is one of its most important business partners, representing the third-largest market for Italian jewellery exports (8.9% market share).

Italian Trade Agency Launches the Extraordinary Italian Jewelry Website

Photo – Italian Trade Agency archive ©

A tribute to the excellence of Italian craftsmanship and most unique style, the new interactive website is the latest promotional endeavour from The Extraordinary Italian Jewelry Project, initiated in 2015 to bolster Italian jewellery entrepreneurship and market share in the U.S.

Whether you are interested in learning about Italy’s past, present or future, The Extraordinary Italian Jewelry is here to take you on a journey to discover the amazing products its great companies have to offer, and to encourage aficionados of Italian jewellery and craftsmanship.

The website features the most relevant information in a user-friendly way:

Discover: Take a grand tour of Italy – a journey from North to South to experience the craftsmanship, tradition and innovation of the Italian heritage and the Made in Italy in the jewellery sector. Span the main Italian gold districts, the small towns, and the large cities where internationally renowned master craftsmen create magnificent designs. Moreover, the website features data on Italian jewellery export to the U.S.

Brands: Come along with us on a memorable journey through Italy and its Extraordinary Italian Jewelry companies. An experience of 3D images and videos depicting the beauty of Made in Italy. From gold to silver; from rare diamonds to precious crystals; from emeralds to corals, there’s an infinite world of Italian brands and masterpieces to discover.

Trends: See how the culture of luxury and jewellery come together and preview upcoming Italian jewellery trends. Experience the fascinating journey in the world of Italian Jewelry Makers focusing on the transformation of design, quality, vision, and functionality of a piece.

News: A selection of the most relevant industry news regarding The Extraordinary Italian Jewelry.




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