ISKENDERIAN Launches Jewels & Watches Online Auction

September 13, 2021  17:01  |  Fashion

ISKENDERIAN Launches Jewels & Watches Online Auction

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All of the usual unmissable events that structure our diaries have been noticeably absent over recent years. Laurent Iskenderian wants to make this first edition a key diary date for the future in Geneva. A way of sharing rare pieces.

Vintage jewellery and watches: an exceptional niche

A safe investment in times of crisis, independent of institutions, politics or price volatility, vintage jewellery and precious gems are constantly on the rise. Vintage jewellery offers a sound, and pleasurable, investment opportunity, far removed from life insurance and other impersonal ways of saving.

An exciting purchase, a social marker providing a profitable placement, vintage jewellery represents a purchase with no fixed costs, no maintenance fees, high value in low volume and internationally marketable without restrictions.

Finally, advice and service in the world of auctions!

With transparent professional support, novices are able to double or triple their investment several years later.

With trade fairs cancelled and offices being difficult to access, auction rooms can appear intimidating and risky to most amateurs. Calling on a jewellery and watch consultant can help you win a rare piece on the best terms. The consultant accompanies the bidder throughout the process to guarantee a purchase without any nasty surprises. Polishing, sizing, repair services, cases and bags as well as certificates are also available.

Digital and crypto accessible to all

Laurent Iskenderian aims to offer exceptional pieces and objects at attractive prices, accessible to as many as possible.

“We want to democratise the world of auctions, jewellery and watches. Online sales allow visitors to bid from their phone or computer without any constraints and in complete privacy, wherever they are. The intimidating environment and prejudices are a thing of the past.”

Anyone can now bid on the internet and place secret purchase orders. Future buyers are able to take part from 1st September 2021, on

It is also essential to see, touch and try pieces before bidding. For three days, amateurs, professionals and collectors will be able to view the lots for sale in the Espace Iskenderian. From 16 – 18 September, it will be possible to place your orders for purchase directly. It will be the first jewellery and watch sale to also accept crypto-currency payments.




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