Interview with Olivia Herdt: „I didn‘t know I looked like Cara“

April 15, 2015  18:59  |  Let’s talk

Interview with Olivia Herdt

Photos: Olivia’s personal

Olivia Herdt is a 14 years old girl from Uruguay, Latin America, has just became a huge break in the internet! If you visit her instagram, you will not have any doubt why she attracted media. From Cosmopolitan UK, Huffington Post to Daily Mail, they all got mad to get an opportunity to share the great new: well-known supermodel and actress Cara Delevingne (known also by her weird facial expressions) has her own twin sister, who lives in another side of the world!

Olivia is not only just look-a-like Cara. She also sings and plays violin seems the one who likes creativity. Her photos became very popular and noticed in her Instagram. But in this interview, I’ll talk not only about her similarity to Cara but her interests, music, dreams and lifestyle as well.

How you would describe yourself in few words to people who does not know you?

I think I’m a person who is always excited. I like to help people and share with people things in common.

When and how you realized you look just like Cara? Has your life changed after media has noticed you?

Yes, I didn‘t know I looked like Cara, but 2 years ago my friend said to me: ”you look just like her”. While I was watching her on YouTube and now I‘m super excited about everything and I‘ve never thought that this was going to happen.

Interview with Olivia Herdt

Do you think your similarity is external or your character is also quite similar to Cara‘s?

Maybe, a few things (hahah). She is funny, I think I‘m too, but everybody has their own personality.

You said that Cara is your idol: what do you like most about her? Do you have any other people you like?

I love her personality, her style and she is original. Yes, I have other people that I like. I love Hayley Williams,Taylor Momsen and Felice Fawn.

If you could meet Cara, what would you say or ask her? Would you like to be noticed by her?

I would say to her that I love her, then I would take 399 pictures with her. I want to ask her if she saw me on the media (hahah). I would LOVE to be noticed by her.

What do you do in your free time? What are your hobbies?

I play violin and I sing. I love sports too, like tennis and figure skating.

I saw a new video where you perform “Sun don’t shine” which I really enjoyed listening. How long do you sing? What kind of music and musicians you like most?

Thank you. I sing since I was 4, but I decided that I want to be a singer at 11 years old. I love indie and rock: Grouplove, Paramore, Coldplay, Lorde, FKA twigs, You me at six, The Kooks, etc. And if we are talking about a big famous artist, I would say that they are Taylor Momsen and Hayley Williams – they sing REALLY good… or Chris Martin as well.

What is your life dream? Whom you would like to become?

I want to meet Cara, be a singer and I would like to be a violinist too or a professional figure skating, but in my country (Uruguay) there aren‘t tracks for skating. I hope moving out soon!

Interview with Olivia Herdt



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