Interview with “Liar”

March 5, 2014  00:49  |  Interviews M.I.C.

Interview with "Liar"

“Liar” is a dark bass music producer from Romania. His strongly contrasting music opens to listeners it‘s perfectly fitting, various stylistic layers, which are creating very interesting result – a game of mist, mysterious rhythms, harmonies, vocals and samples.

The dark “Liar” style leads the listener through a variety of musical discoveries. Every work of this artist is different and difficult to compare with the previous one. The artist began to develop his first public performances in 2011, and the following year he released his debut EP titled “Undance”. This is soon was noticed by music blogs, media (XLR8R), performers (The xx / xx Jamie). Later, “Liar” presented not only singles, but also albums (latest – “Spirewards”). In addition, he starts working with record label “Infinite Machine” and performs as a DJ.

“SHA: ▽ : AH” by organizing a series of events “Švytėjimai” gave our team an opportunity to interview the owner of this controversial pseudonym. Please meet and listen to “Liar‘s” interview, where he talks about his creative principles, sounds and the birth of a musical career.