Inspirational Wildness of Berghain We Share – Nicola Napoli

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Inspirational Wildness of Berghain We Share – Nicola Napoli

Photos: Nicola Napoli archives.

“A creative person without a sense of humor has a serious problem.” – smiles charmingly and open young and creative with top skills in illustration, graphic design and visual communication Nicola Napoli, who’s way from Naples to artistic Europe capital Berlin taught him to laugh about and laugh with the surrounding environment in order to keep up the creative spirit and search for the surprising combinations. Studying and becoming architect was not enough, always hungry for the innovations, risks, doubts and new goals that brought the artist to the cooperation with Vice Magazine, Adidas, Absolut Vodka and Berghain. His free spirit and passion for creative work was set up from the young days: watching Walt Disney cartoons, studying Greek and Egyptian mythology during the free time, scrolling around the coast of Naples, analyzing his own life, routine and massive gatherings. “Creativity can solve almost any problem – the creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes anything” – tells Nicola while sipping cappuccino in the artistic café.

Nicola, your surname brings to the sunny Italian city, which has some myths about chaotic mafia – Naples (Italian Napoli) with a reason, is it right? I am very curious, what is the connection between your personality and this city? Is it only accidental matchy – matchy of the words or there is something behind it?

From the first glance, it could look like a coincidence, but actually I’m Italian artists who was born in the city very close to Naples – Salerno. As you can see, the connection is really clear.  Being Italian and the birth place is almost there as well. What is more, Naples is one of the most important cities for me as I grew up and studied there. It is a place which made me mature and prepared for the further experiences in life. As you noticed, it is totally chaotic and multiple place and I am absolutely glad about a chance of starting my professional career and researches there. It is purely Mediterranean and messy, but there is a harmony and order in it – great inspiration for artists, travelers, explorers, researches, risk takers and dreamers.

Inspirational Wildness of Berghain We Share – Nicola Napoli

You seem being in love with this city. Why did you move to Berlin? Did you get tired or overwhelmed by Italian sun and noise?

My life is full of surprises: I do not make the plans or schedules, but somehow manage to get at the right place and exactly the right moment. When I made a decision to apply for the master degree in Naples, the feeling of willingness to move and explore other places came to my mind. Once I was talking with a friend about differences of the art market in Europe and got an advice to try Berlin as this place is famous for being friendly for artistic souls. In the beginning I reached Berlin as an Erasmus student and stayed here one year. Later on came back to Naples to finish the studies and prepare for the trip to Berlin again. Naples is another side of my face and I really enjoy coming back to my routes, but for professional development and exploration I definitely choose Berlin. It is really open, broad – minded, multicultural, tolerant, experimental and free-mindset place.

What I really enjoy is comparing the audiences when they get to know my art. It is also a way of seeing the culture, values, lifestyle, education system and society relationships.

Inspirational Wildness of Berghain We Share – Nicola Napoli

Architect with an interest in visual communication from the childhood who is currently working as an illustrator. Is it a right way of representing you, Nicola?

Well, it is true – I am a freelance illustrator, but also take part in graphic design projects and work for my own creative projects as well. If I need to combine all my activities and portfolio to one description, then I would call myself a visual designer who is doing exhibition design as well. My profession is directly connected with creative work, design, visual expression.

I am a person who loves combining and connecting, searching for the ways to surprise and be surprised. For example, this summer I did a cooperation with Absolut Vodka, which gave me an artistic freedom to represent my creative potential while creating 3D installation for the party. I used my knowledge in architecture field and fulfilled the vision with illustrations and graphic design skills.

The topic was related with the fast changes in Berlin, gentrification and urbanization. It became so common to complain about it, so my curiosity brought me to the exploration of this concept.  Preparation took a lot of time, as there were few layers of people I had to deal: Absolut Vodka, booking agency, guys from IHeartBerlin blog. Even though it was a hard job, but it totally reached my highest expectations.

Inspirational Wildness of Berghain We Share – Nicola Napoli

One of the most attractive places in Berlin as full of the stories, adorable expectations, curiosity and even mad willingness to get inside meka or techno music church is Berghain. You are closely related with this place not only for partying there, true? How did you get into the connection with the managers of the club to create a flyer?

Don’t laugh, but this opportunity came accidentally too. I would call myself a lucky person! I did like a trial illustration because one of my friends has a blog about Berlin lifestyle, culture and night spots just for my own pleasure. After it was published, the illustration became popular among social media users and they were sharing and talking about it until it reached the level of being viral. What was funny, my personality became recognizable without putting so much effort. I am an artistic person, working for my own fulfillment and satisfaction, not for popularity or contacts. So, after a little bit of time I got into a contact with art director of Berghain who proposed me to create a flyer. I did not declined this offer. This club particularly could be called as a source of inspiration: so free, so wild, so multiple. I was always curious about massive events and people behavior and perception of gatherings, Berghain reflects it perfectly: party animals are coming for controversial purposes with their individual expectations and visions, but as long as they are a crowd, they share themselves to become like a one.

Talking more precisely about my artistic work, I would like to highlight that it has a story and meaning behind. It is derived from Renaissance painting ‘Garden of Delights’ by Hieronymus Bosch while showing extensional and creative interpretation and relating it with a nightlife. This flyer has invited the people to check out the garden of Berghain as well which is far from being similar to Renaissance times, but imagination can bring you everywhere you want to be, right?…

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Inspirational Wildness of Berghain We Share – Nicola Napoli




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