Industry’s First Retractable High Heels

November 15, 2017  22:38  |  News

Runway Heels - SwO magazine

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Seeking to bring stylish comfort to the high heels market, a new company Runway Heels is launching the industry’s first patented retractable high heels, enabling consumers to instantly transform heels into comfortable flats at the touch of a button.

Imagine stepping out of your home, on your way to your job, hopping on the subway and arriving at the office in comfy flats. With a simple click, you transform functional flats into classy fashion heels and step your way into work.

Created two years ago out of the experience of a former flight attendant and long-time businesswoman, the company’s innovative shoe technology offers women much-needed relief from painful foot problems and potential medical issues long associated with high heels.

Runway Heels

“This is a disruptive fashion technology product that will revolutionize women’s footwear,” said Runway Heels CEO Melody Avecilla. “Are you one of those that carry a pair of flats in your purse to change from high heels because you get tired or are in pain? Now imagine two shoes in one. One minute you’re in the boardroom making a presentation in high heels, and then you dash off to the boardwalk wearing the same flats. How can you do that? With our patented technology, you can change from high heels to flats or vice versa in a matter of seconds all at the push of a button.”

Runway Heels - SwO magazine

Runway Heels’ shoe features a Swedish-designed steel-grade mechanism that allows wearers to quickly convert their high heels to flats or back again. Offered in a full range of sizes and contemporary styles, Runway Heel’s antimicrobial memory foam technology also provides additional comfort with temperature and pressure sensitivity, open-celled construction, conformability and resilience, and protection from the growth of microorganisms and transmission of harmful microbes.

The company has also launched an Indiegogo campaign to bring its products to market.





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