How Does a 60-Ft Artwork Soothe, Calm & Blend Into its Setting?

January 24, 2022  22:49  |  News

When guests begin arriving at the new Stanly Ranch Auberge Resort opening in Spring 2022 in Napa Valley, a 6-ton, 60-ft by 40-ft “Infinity” sculpture by noted artist Gordon Huether will be among the first things they see atop the luxury hotel’s most prominent hilltop.

How Does a 60-Ft Artwork Soothe, Calm & Blend Into its Setting?

The new Stanly Ranch Auberge Resort in Napa, CA features a dramatic 60-by-20-foot ‘Infinity’ sculpture by Gordon Huether ©

A continuous loop of rust-coloured Corten steel, “Infinity” is already discernable from many directions from its perch next to the Napa River. Aside from branding the hotel and welcoming visitors, the installation is also a well-researched complement to the amenities and attractions of this newest addition to the Auberge Resorts Collection.

“The goal was to reflect the Stanly Ranch design principles of beautiful simplicity, understated luxury and seamless integration with the unique Napa Valley setting,” said Huether, a long-term Napa resident. “As the sculpture gains its stable, rust-coloured patina, ‘Infinity’ will further blend in and complement its setting.”

“Infinity’ resides at the highest point on Stanly Ranch, Infinity Hill, and as guests circulate throughout the property, they will see it change from different viewing angles,” said Ed Gannon, Stanly Ranch’s General Manager. “What does not change is how Gordon Huether’s inspiring sculpture will provide a visual landmark that provokes curiosity and wonder.

“When standing near ‘Infinity’, you can feel the energy,” Gannon added. “This will be a perfect spot for ceremonies, private dinners, yoga and other activities, or just a place to meditate and contemplate the endless possibilities Stanly Ranch offers.”

“An important aspect for all my artworks is to make them as accessible and meaningful as possible, not just artifacts,” Huether said. ” ‘Infinity’ embraces the resort’s wellness theme by offering a place for grounding of the body and mind, and as a symbol of the merging of design and earth.”

The sculpture’s make-up of Corten steel, an elemental resource in working the land that still anchors vine-rows today, echoes the century-old history of the historic Stanly Ranch property.




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