“He’s one of them…”

June 9, 2020  13:22  |  Watch it

"He's one of them ..."

Photos – Timotiejus Norvila ©

Unsettled times. Designers become models, tree branches represent clothes hangers, animals become talents and assistants, and moments are captured from a distance only by time-tested creators. “Here it is, Lamb of God!” Perhaps this is a new beginning, a return to nature. Digital and analogue photography in one – a vague idea, but what is clear these days? There is no doubt that creativity exists at all times, even complicated ones…


Photographer – Timotiejus Norvila

Model – Justas Vonžodas

Clothes – Justas Vonžodas

Asistant – Saulė Poškutė

"He's one of them ..."

He's one of them ...

He's one of them...

He's one of them...

He's one of them...

He's one of them...




Ina Budryte

The 13th Kaunas Biennial