Halos of Light in Dark Matter

April 2, 2018  16:31  |  News

GRAFO Gallery is pleased to announce Cascione & Lusciov’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Entitled Intergalactic Space, the exhibition collects the two years of sculptural work. The opening of the exhibition will be held on 4th of April at 6 PM at GRAFO gallery (Trakai st. 14, Vilnius).

Cascione & Lusciov | INTERGALACTIC SPACE | Halos of Light in Dark Matter

Photo – ‘GRAFO’ gallery ©

The title of the exhibition “INTERGALACTIC SPACE | Halos of Light in Dark Matter” is inspired by the phenomenon of dark matter halos of light in the depths of the Universe. The artists want to recreate the atmosphere of Dark Matter from the space abyss where the only irradiating light is that of the sculptures, fragments of stars that dance in the perennial orbits of distant galaxies.

The exhibition preparation is essential but at the same time audacious and fully translates the sense of an intergalactic space. Visitors are invited to follow the predetermined path that leads them through the different exhibition halls.

Another peculiarity of the exhibition is characterized by the background music, it is the sound arrangement created with space audio recordings, collected on various spacecraft and mixed with sounds produced by the artists in the recording studio.