Gossip Girl – from girls to women

July 1, 2012  16:44  |  News

Gossip Girl – from girls to women

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Gossip Girl.  TV show that made people believe strangers know more about them than their own mothers. TV show that brought girls into thinking that looking glamorous is one of the main components of life. Whether it‘s Serena Van der Woodsen, who, whatever she‘s wearing, makes it look good with her playful attitude, or Blair Waldorf, whose love for old Audrey Hepburn movies is always reflected in her style – these two characters inspire the watchers to dress… like they are waiting for a Gossip Girl blast to pop up in their phone screens.

Gossip Girl – from girls to women

Photos: swide.com, marieclaire.co.uk, cwtv.com

Remember the school girls that Serena and Blair used to be? Long stockings, plaited skirts and playful shirts – this was all about the youth and girly friendships. However, „Gossip Girl“ seems to be growing together with every girl watcher, inspiring them for more feminine, grown up and sophisticated looks.





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