Global Fashion Collective at New York SS 19 Fashion Week

September 15, 2018  21:23  |  Fashion

Profanity By LillzKillz

Backstage photos by Byeongcheol Jo ©

A group show with a real mix of design aesthetics, Global Fashion Collective designers brought their vibrant and eccentric collections to the runway by taking exaggerated shapes and unique fabrics to the next level.

Profanity By LillzKillz showcased a playful unisex collection ‘Eat my shorts’, with transparent vinyl pockets filled with toy cars, platform sneakers, video game prints, and bold bright colourways in vibrant yellow, tangerine orange, royal blue, and neon green. Old car parts including seatbelts and seat leather are refurbished in garments nodding to the inspiration of a middle-class family and their beat-up car. A key look for this Canadian designer featured a teal and tan brown leather patched two pieces with contrast white straps, topped off with a car seat headrest.

Profanity By LillzKillz - SwO magazine

Profanity By LillzKillz

Photos by Arun Nevader ©

Plain black with contrast red and yellow plaid featured next for Canadian designer Adam Lin-Bungag, winner of the 2018 Nancy Mak Award. The NOT DEAD YET signature grunge aesthetic was expressed through oversized sleeves, raw edges, Dr. Martens, hanging chains, and studs. Drawn letters spell out SHAME on the side of sneakers, and printed words on graphic tees hint at the theme ‘Eulogy’ – the understanding that in order to move forward we must acknowledge, understand, and learn from our past. Highlights included a transparent PVC layer overcoat lined with over a red plaid jacket and white crinkled pants with red plaid strips tied around the leg.


NOT DEAD YET - SwO magazine

Photos by Arun Nevader ©

Rainbow shaved ice, tropical fruits, and flowers have inspired the ‘VaCaTioN in Hawaii’ collection by Japanese designer Nozomi Kuwahara for the SS19 season. Nozomi uses vivid colours, soft textured fabrics such as cotton Seersucker, and even SPF50+ fabrics to experiment with the summer theme. Models walked in twos in matching combos; a lemon-lime green short-sleeved button-up shirt dress was complemented with a bandeau/maxi skirt look with ribbon fastenings. Holiday destination name ‘Waikiki’ is embroidered on a motif of sunbathers on select pieces, and plastic accessories derived from beach toys and swimming goggles complete the looks.

Nozomi Kuwahara

Nozomi Kuwahara - SwO magazine

Photos by Arun Nevader ©

German designer Kim Tiziana Rottmüller leads us through a spiritual story for collection ‘Oblivion’, taking inspiration from a seductive witch, a symbol for our transcendental self and inner magical power. Lilac, the colour for spirituality brings light into the collection whereas black is used to submit the unknown, mysterious darkness. Experiments with volume are revealed through oversized hoods and layers of ruffles. A standout look – a candy pink oversized woollen jumper embellished with mysterious tarot cards that weave in and out of the knit.

Kim Tiziana Rottmüller

Kim Tiziana Rottmüller

Photos by Arun Nevader ©

For the Global Fashion Collective presentation, modern, sculptural and avant-garde collections featuring powerful feminine silhouettes blurred the line between haute couture and ready-to-wear fashion.

First up, Chinese brand XY wowed the audience with a child model full of personality walking the runway wearing a towering traditional silver headdress. Inspired by ethnic Chinese cultures with a focus on the Miao people, designer Han Zhang fuses tradition with modernity using Chinese embroidery and contemporary fashion silhouettes. A selective palette of black, accent red, and green reigns throughout in sumptuous silks and textured tulle. An emerald coloured mid-length silk dress, with fitted waist and princess-line bodice featured a beautiful contrast red off-shoulder design. A dramatic silhouette was created with a model wearing large black angel wings.


XY - SwO magazine

Photos by Arun Nevader ©

Canadian designer Kirsten Ley’s refined artistic approach to design shone through her new collection MITØSIS, about the division of self; a conscious choice to leave one version in the past while moving forward with the new version. Oxygenated crimsons, rich dark blues, and bone colours from the human circulatory system are paired with unusual and beautiful graphic printworks of anatomy diagrams incorporating florals. A standout look – a two-piece in crimson leather with sculptured shoulders and high neckline, complete with white voluminous fur sleeve coverings. Hand-gathered chiffon and billowing silks build the story.

Kirsten Ley

Kirsten Ley - SwO magazine

Photos by Arun Nevader ©

Resort collection TERRA by American designer Carlton Jones celebrates the cross-pollination of global terrains taking inspiration from fresh Eastern silhouettes. Lightweight breezy natural fibres are layered over one another and feature beautiful printworks morphing abstract vertebrae into chic animal print, reminiscent of the African safari. Sparkling shiny fabrics caught the light on the runway, with sequins shimmering in earthy tones of sand, referencing glamorous desert nights. A clean crisp white jumpsuit with long open flowing asymmetric sleeve created a sophisticated chic look.

Carlton Jones

Carlton Jones - SwO magazine

Photos by Arun Nevader ©



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