March 23, 2013  21:39  |  Daily Inspiration Fashion


It was a casual day…when I saw Lara Stone in a fruit bowl! It looks like somebody chopped her head and nicely put as a decoration on a desk. Apparently, that “somebody” is a photographer Tyrone Lebon and he did that on purpose.  He took this photo for I-D magazine’s March issue and definitely got everybody’s attention.

Seeing Lara Stone in fruits definitely distracts the mind, so the only thing left in the head after seeing this pic is…fruits. That’s a really nice way to remind people about vitamins that we all need during this unpredictable spring season. Use your imagination picking fruits! If you are not sure what to get then keep in mind that banana, orange, kiwi and pineapple juice is one of the best fruity shakes combos.  Make sure you have a blender in your kitchen before you go to the store to get fruits!

Enjoy your fruity day!





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