First Performance of The Holy Grail in Valencia by Multi-Media Artist Dr. María Gómez

June 9, 2021  18:05  |  News

This performance was a key part of the celebration of the 1st Cultural Fortnight regarding ‘The Way of the Holy Grail’ in the prestigious modernist building of the ‘Mercado de Colón’ in the city of Valencia.

The Mediterranean city of Valencia has kept the Holy Grail in its metropolitan Cathedral since 1437 and has ended the special fortnight with a spectacular artistic event.

First Performance of The Holy Grail in Valencia by Multi-Media Artist Dr. María Gómez

Photo – Dr. María Gómez archive ©

The multi-media artist, Dr. María Gómez dazzled the public with an artistic performance surrounded by expert plastic artists, art critics and the public.

Undoubtedly, she is the best international artist who has captured the history of the Holy Grail in images. She has a large collection of canvases dedicated to the most desired object of the Western Middle Ages.

María Gómez can execute with the same iconographic motif a summary of the most important artistic movements that have created an entire European cultural heritage. From Gothic to Surrealism, from hyperreality to expressionism.

Her exhibitions are brimming with art, work, and genius. These are qualities that are very necessary in the Art of the 21st century… so that the Art Market World does not become a mere pantomime.

Maria Gómez comments that “to leave a future of empty virtual spaces and calling them works of art is to tell our descendants that we were imbeciles.” ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes,’ a Danish fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen, is something many art dealers should be reading again so as to truly separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to art with real spirit and verve!

María Gómez has set to work to make it clear that speculation and the lack of knowledge of those who launder their money through art or squander it from public institutions (otherwise the disastrous quality of the works acquired, and their high price cannot be understood) only leads to the putrefaction of the potential for works of genius in the world of art.

“It depends on the sincerity and courage of artists in the 21st century for their capacity and ability to create or invent both new and admirable works of art… and to carry out some artistic activity in an imaginative and brilliant way that will continue to nourish our species as human beings.”




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