Ezumi Yasutoshi: geometry and pleats

March 30, 2014  22:03  |  Fashion

Ezumi Yasutoshi: geometry and pleats

Photos: yasutoshiezumi.com

Many fashion lovers were impatiently waiting for the Tokyo fashion week, during which 45 brands form Japan and beyond showcased F/W 2014 collections. One of the most stunning and interesting works presented to the audience was Yasutoshi Ezumi’s collection “Designire”, which in Latin means “mark out” or “plan”. The inspiration came from Eames House constructed by Charles and Ray Eames in mid-20th century and known for its avant-garde architecture style. This inspiration is not only noticeable in clothing, but also on the runway, which was turned into a cage-like corridor with construction similar to the house mentioned before.

In comparison with the last collection, “Designare” seems to be much more rich in colours, and for that easier to relate with up-coming cold season. Ezumi sticks true to himself and plays with geometric shapes, although geometry at this point has become more intricate and delicate. Perhaps that is the reason why the collection gives more feminine vibes than the last one. And we find a variety of dresses and skirts: you can admire long futuristic gowns as well as cute and every-day knee-length skirts. I guess, this is what made the collection so easy to relate with and probably many Japanese girls found themselves wishing Ezumi’s clothes in their closets.

The other thing to enjoy is pleats! Varying in length and shape they transform clothes into wonderful pieces of art and scream for critics’ attention.  Pleats definitely give this soft and sexy look and definitely corresponded to the source of inspiration. Keeping shapes of rectangular the designer created a joyful woman’s image and made cold season something to be excited about. How lovely of him!

Oh, and did I mention that the designer is the winner of the 6th DHL Designer Award. Congratulations!

Ezumi Yasutoshi: geometry and pleats

Ezumi Yasutoshi: geometry and pleats

Ezumi Yasutoshi: geometry and pleats



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