EPITAPH by Dainius Liškevičius

March 15, 2019  21:15  |  News

Dainius Liškevičius

Photo – Dainius Liškevičius archives ©

“The knowledge they share still resonates through me as I attend a brilliant lecture by an Aristotelian philosopher about the time continuum. I drink it in, stimulated, and smile, remembering and appreciating a woman I once was, who would never have understood or cared about these things, too busy as she was just trying to survive the day.” (Browne, S. & L. Harrison. 2000. Life on the Other Side: A psychic’s tour of the afterlife. London: Hachette.)

The new-made objects displayed in the exhibition present different stories in the three gallery’s spaces. The main narrative of the exhibit is a nomad motif which emphasises man’s voyage by experiencing the change of political regimes and systems. The change is embedded in the geographical and personal recollection maps. We see here how the autobiographical fragments are intertwined as fading memories that are captured by some household appliances or other elements. In trying to remain present, the fragments rearrange themselves into the objects that constantly keep transforming. Such items become new hybrid artifacts of existence. Remains a wish as a promise, to forget- to keep, before everything eventually disappears or maybe not…

The Exhibition will be running in the Artifex Textile gallery (Lithuania) from 19th of March until 30th.