Ellie Motolo

March 29, 2013  20:16  |  Let’s talk

Ellie Motolo

We have some fresh and sunny inspiration right from Buenos Aires, Argentina! This time we are talking with Ellie Motolo from “It Style Blog”– Argentinian fashion blogger and communication student obsessed not only about fashion, but also photography and especially, make-up. Let’s see what she has to tell about fashion life from Argentinian point of view…

Set up the funky mood (because she loves it) http://www.stereomood.com/mood/funky before you read it!


What catches your attention when you are walking down the street?

I always pay attention how people are dressed up. I love watching how the drivers are dressed up and think who they really are behind the uniform. The other thing that captures my attention is the architecture, which is remarkable in Buenos Aires!

How would you describe Argentinians’ style?

Argentinians are very conservative when it comes to clothes. They don’t like experimenting and prefer not to stand out in the crowd, but what I noticed lately is that women now are more liberate, so they are starting to wear more cutting edge silhouettes.

What is unforgivable for the fashionista to miss in Buenos Aires?

Vintage markets! They are a treasure land of tiny little sweet things.

Ellie Motolo

Imagine that you’ve got to arrange a photo shoot “One day in Argentina”. How would it look like?

I would like to show three different contrasts of the country. One shooting would be in the North part of Argentina, one in Buenos Aires and the last one in the South of Argentina. I would name it “Contrasts” where you could see the most diverse landscapes of the country. I would take real people as models, people from different cities doing their labor work, because nature the best reflects Argentina.


How would you dress up for a lunch with The Sartorialist?

I would try to be true to my style. I don’t dress up differently than I normally do for fashion meetings or fashion weeks. I’m currently obsessed about the blue color and I have blue leather jacket, which I would definitely wear for The Sartorialist.

Ellie Motolo

Ellie Motolo

Ellie Motolo

What’s your daily inspiration?

Pictures! Now I’m really into Instagram…

What motivates you to get up in the morning?

Things that I love to do! Like now, I’m taking photography course and I’m very excited about that. It’s enough for me to think about it and I’m full of motivation to get up.

Who’s your fashion icon?

Definitely Coco Chanel, because she’s the woman that broke all the rules of fashion and brought new thinking, which lasts until now. “Less is more” – that’s the phrase that lasts forever.

Ellie Motolo

Ellie Motolo

Ellie Motolo

Where would you like to be right now?

London, because there lives my best friend and I would love to wander around the English streets with her.

What are you up to right now?

Updating my blog for new weekly posts!

Ellie Motolo

Ellie Motolo

Ellie Motolo

Photos: itstyleblog.com





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