Electric Footwear

January 23, 2013  11:11  |  Daily Inspiration Fashion

Electric Footwear

I feel it’s high time to confess…I can’t help but think about these awesome shoes since I saw them a couple of days ago. They haunt my dreams with the brightest colors they have. Let me introduce you today to the brand new shoes collection of a London based brand Miista.

Missta offers Electromancer footwear collection full of sparkling and bright futuristic colors for upcoming spring and summer seasons. This shoe line suggests oxfords and ankle boots which both are amazing. They are this accent that you need to fulfill your outfit! If you are not a color person just try them with neutral tones outfits thus you would block that extremely bright shoe color. If you are a fan of intensive colors then they are just what you are looking for – color, printed and shiny!

Take a look at those goodies here: http://miista.com.

A pair of shoes can change your life! Cinderella proved that.

Electric Footwear





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