ecofashionCORP Launches Blockchain Powered Platform to Track Product Life Cycle

November 19, 2021  20:11  |  News

ecofashionCORP is pioneering the sustainable fashion industry by leveraging technology to address a growing consumer demand for more brand transparency. For the launch, ecofashionCORP will facilitate, digitize, and share value chain steps highlighting farms and factories through their house brands Seed to Style and YesAnd. The information will be available through a Blockchain and AI-based traceability platform that allows consumers full product transparency from source to story.

ecofashionCORP Launches Blockchain Powered Platform to Track Product Life Cycle

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The platform provides suppliers and consumers with fully traceable, batch-level data and accompanying 3rd party certification verification, with all information available on a trusted platform, consumers can validate that streamlines environmental and social compliance are met. The proprietary blockchain technology streamlines data and information efficiently and securely – mitigating risk at every stage.

In its next phase, ecofashionCORP will be expanding into its entire India-based platform to include all textile categories. Phase two will have an emphasis on capturing ESG metrics, supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to measure carbon, water, and energy usage and help identify key company KPIs to set broader reduction targets and sustainability goals. The platform will allow for externalized data to be shared with key stakeholders. This traceability will be integrated across all ecofashionCORP house brands as well as on behalf of MetaWear B2B brand partners.

ecofashionCORP has co-created with Producers Market and their StoryBird e-commerce platform. to ecofashionCORP is Producers Market’s exclusive textile partner.

“Our StoryBird partnership with ecofashionCORP’s house brands is game-changing for the apparel industry – providing its clients and end-consumers with the sourcing and impact details of their clothing, offering customers the ability to choose brands that represent their own values, while building confidence and trust in ecofashionCORP’s supply chains. The future of global fashion will demand transparency, authenticity, and storytelling,” – says Keith Agoada, Co-Founder Producers Market.

“There is a fierce urgency when it comes to sustainability in the fashion industry. One of the key problems is the lack of real-time insight into global fragmented supply chains when it comes to impact and ESG. The Credible platform by InfiniChains makes the value chain transparent for all stakeholders with minimal operational overhead. We are proud to partner with ecofashionCORP, leaders in the sustainable fashion industry,” – says Jitesh Shetty, Co-Founder, InfiniChains Inc.




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