Earth Day with Lands’ End

April 17, 2018  19:39  |  News

The iconic monarch butterfly needs our help. Lands’ End and the Save Our Monarchs Foundation are aflutter with activity to save the beloved creature. Beginning today through Earth Day, April 22, Lands’ End will donate $4.50 to the Save Our Monarchs Foundation for each butterfly motif embroidered on applicable products. In addition, Lands’ End will encourage customers to plant milkweed, which is critical to the survival of the monarch, by providing seed packets with orders placed on Earth Day.

Lands' End

Photo – Lands’ End ©

“Our commitment to the environment is an ongoing priority at Lands’ End,” said Jerome Griffith, chief executive officer, Lands’ End. “From planting more than 1.4 million trees with the National Forest Foundation to developing creative solutions to reduce waste, we take action to benefit the environment. Through our work with the Save Our Monarchs Foundation, we hope to raise awareness of this important issue and encourage people to restore monarch butterfly habitats as we are doing on our campus in Wisconsin.”

Planting Seeds To Support The Survival Of The Monarch

Since 1992, monarch numbers have dropped 90 percent. The milkweed plant population, which is indispensable to the monarch, is also down 90 percent due to loss of habitat. Milkweed plants are the only source of food for the monarch caterpillar. The best way to help the monarch is to rebuild their habitat by planting milkweed, providing them with the food they need to survive.

Each milkweed (Asclepius syriaca) seed packet provided to Lands’ End customers includes between 25-30 seeds and planting instructions. The Save Our Monarchs Foundation also sells milkweed seed packets year round, with profits benefitting the 501(c)(3), at