dpHUE is Looking Out for the Pro Colorist

April 2, 2020  14:29  |  News

dpHUE, founded in 2011 by entrepreneur Donna Pohlad who then partnered with celebrity hair colourist Justin Anderson, has always been an ally of salon professionals. “dpHUE is a brand for people who colour their hair with a professional in the salon, and our products are designed with pro colourists in mind. We empower people to manage their pro colour in-between salon visits, instilling confidence in them because they learn how to keep their hair colour looking fresh, right up until their next appointment,” shares Pohlad. With products like Root Touch-Up Kit and Color Touch-Up SprayGloss+ (a pigmented deep conditioner), and colour-protecting haircare products, including the best-selling Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse, dpHUE created and continues to lead a new hair category as the only brand dedicated solely to professional hair colour maintenance.

dpHUE is Looking Out for the Pro Colorist

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In 2019, dpHUE launched its dpHUE Pro App (available for free download in the Apple Store) as a means to compensate pro colourists for recommending products. It signalled a disruption of traditional salon retail practices by offering a higher-than-normal commission and eliminating the need for colourists to invest in inventory and merchandise pre-sale. Any licensed cosmetologist can set up an account and order product for clients through their mobile devices. The product is delivered directly to the client, and the pros receive a commission on all sales.

The App has proven to be especially helpful since the COVID-19 outbreak, which has put many Colorists out of work with no date in sight for salons re-opening.

“When the quarantine mandates set in, I watched my entire community of hair colourists suddenly unable to earn money, while their clients started freaking out about root growth. I quickly recognized my App could be one source of revenue for colourists, and our Root Touch-Up Kit as the perfect product for them to recommend to their clients,” states Anderson, colourist for Hollywood’s A-list including Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Margot Robbie. “I spoke to Donna, and we immediately raised the commission from 35% to 50%, which is unprecedented.”

After announcing the commission increase through Anderson’s and dpHUE’s social media platforms on March 20th the response was immediate; the number of App users has skyrocketed and is continuing to grow. “Our daily sales increases via the App have been exponential since March 19th. We are encouraging all customers to place orders through their Colorists. Pricing is the same to them, but their Colorists earn 50% of the sale. We are paying out unprecedented Commissions to Colorists, and we hope to continue to see that increase,” noted Mark Ferdman, Chief Marketing Officer.

“It’s always been our mission at dpHUE to partner with professional hair colourists. We want to assure them that our colour maintenance solutions will keep their clients happy, feeling confident, and keep their hair condition and colour looking great until their next salon visit,” says Pohlad. “It’s been heartwarming to receive the testimonials that we have from the salon community and knowing that they trust us during this difficult period. We’re looking forward to the moment when they can get back behind their chairs!”




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