Doppler’s effect

January 29, 2019  13:49  |  News

While creating and discussing, as if affected by the “Doppler’s effect”, two artists – Kazimieras and Dominykas, present sketches that they have been gathering for several years.

Whilst being traced, the ideas and the process obtain a different weight and meaning. Drawing in search of a stance or a clear thought allows the artists to present two dissimilar ways of thinking. Rudiments which show two different approaches to the piece of art.

Doppler’s effect

Pictures – Dominykas Sidorovas, Kazimieras Brazdžiūnas ©

In the process of selection, a graphic line or a stamp-like sign becomes an index reflecting the content and image differentiation. Also, it is a creation or a discovery of an artifact.

Variations of emotions, scales and scribbles. Obsessively marked, appropriated, transformed and with changed purpose artefacts.

Dominykas Kazimieras

Dominykas Kazimieras

Dominykas Kazimieras

Dominykas Kazimieras

Different rudiments of the painting given by the two artists, draw our attention to the undefined segments around the art piece and not to the final unquestionable version of it.

This way the sketch becomes the main object of the exhibition.

Opening: February 5, 6 PM.

Exhibition time:  February 5 – 16.



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