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DIY blogs

Summer is definitely the most fun, exciting and beautiful season of the year. But even during the summer there are times when you find yourself bored. It’s raining outside, your friends are away and you’ve watched all the episodes of Sex and the city for so many times that you can cite every other Carrie Bradshaw’s sentence? Don’t start cleaning out your closet and color-coding your clothes just yet. We found few DIY blogs, which will inspire you to make something yourself while waiting for the sunshine. Here they are:

Ivania Carpio

Fashion blogger based in the Netherlands, Ivania Carpio, has an obsession with aesthetics and minimalism, just as the name of her blog states. Besides her personal looks and fashion projects, she posts a lot of eye- pleasing DIYs. If you love the idea of ‘Less is more’, this blog is the one to read and get inspiration for your DIY projects.

‘A daily dose of fashion discoveries and inspirations, contributed by a stylist and a designer who both see the world through rose-colored shades’.


Here you’ll find Geneva’s detailed DIYs of all things cool. Author of the blog, Geneva Vanderzeil, believes in a creative approach to fashion. She recently published her own book ‘DIY Fashionista: 40 stylish projects to re-invent and update your wardrobe’. In her blog you’ll find many more than 40 DIY projects starting from simple food recipes, ending with sequin skirts and shorts. Geneva definitely knows, what she’s doing!



A fashion blog of London Central Saint Martins graduate, Shini Park. Park writes about everything from food to fashion and also is a big fan of fashion DIY projects. Therefore, you can find a broad section of her own DIYs with a spice of humor in them. We love it!




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