“Diovadiova Chrome Kitty Cash V” by Kip Omolade

November 22, 2021  17:18  |  News

Kip Omolade’s “Diovadiova Chrome Kitty Cash V” limited-edition print is available on his website. A portion of the proceeds will go to Times Square Arts which is an organization that collaborates with contemporary artists to present site-specific, thought-provoking work in Times Square.

"Diovadiova Chrome Kitty Cash V" by Kip Omolade

Photo – Kip Omolade’s archive ©

Each print of “Diovadiova Chrome Kitty Cash V” is hand-signed and numbered by Kip Omolade. The work looks like a chrome mask against a bright, golden background, but the original is actually an oil painting. Within the mask, there are reflections of Times Square. The portrait is inspired by Omolade’s experiences as an African American teen in the 80’s. The former graffiti artist and Marvel Comics intern would travel with his friends from Brooklyn to visit Times Square. They would play arcade games or watch Kung Fu movies or just enjoy the excitement of “The Deuce”.

Kip Omolade’s career has led him to exhibiting in galleries around the world. His special commissions include portraits for the rapper 2 Chainz. A few years ago, the Grammy award winner revealed the paintings at his Versace mansion wedding. Despite Kip’s success, Times Square remains an important setting for his art. He says, “I always knew that “Diovadiova Chrome Kitty Cash V” would somehow exhibit in Times Square.” Through a serendipitous series of events, the painting was acquired by Viacom and exhibited at their headquarters in Times Square.




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