Dinner Party

January 15, 2013  22:08  |  Daily Inspiration Fashion

Dinner Party

Welcome to the land of SUITED MEN (that sounds so exciting)! Those are probably the words that every girl would like to hear. Apparently, you can easily have a bunch of suited men in front of you right now.

Last summer Scott Schuman made a dinner party in Florence. Of course, you can’t escape Schuman’s party without being shot. He not only shot his guests but also made a video of his elegant and chic party. Black and white choice perfectly suits the video and helps to move our focus from fashion to social aspect. It’s impossible not to notice how these men interact to each other. It’s such a pleasure to watch this video! Everything just comes together – the sunny day in Italy, handsome men, fashion and Louis Armstrong “I wonder” in the background. It looks like the day of the dreams…





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