Design a Modern Jewelry Line Using 3D Software

July 6, 2020  23:11  |  Fashion

Design a Modern Jewelry Line Using 3D Software

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Graduation and camp look different this year and SENIA New York is making sure you can still commemorate and celebrate with a custom ring to cherish lost special moments and keep friends connected.

SENIA has launched a line of numeric rings, which are completely customizable with regards to style and price point. Build your own stack for you or a loved one by customizing your gem colours, precious metal types, roman numerals, and engravings on their website.

Everyone has a special number or year whether it be a birthdate, anniversary, or graduation, so roman numerals make for the ideal symbols to create a keepsake to honour these meaningful moments.

Founder, Christina Senia, utilized her background in mechanical engineering to design a modern jewellery line using 3D software, which is challenging the industry standard of inaccessible custom styles.

“We found that personalized jewellery was not only expensive, but also was solely focused on commemorating initials and names, and not really telling a story. We wanted to create a conversation piece which had significance to the wearer, without breaking the bank, which is why we utilize a direct to consumer platform for this line,” Senia remarked.

Design a Modern Jewelry Line Using 3D Software

All styles are made with recycled gold and silver, as well as conflict-free gems. Each piece also comes with a travel case to ensure safekeeping for your style.

In light of recent event cancellations, campers, graduates, new fiancées, and first-time mothers alike are flocking to SENIA to design a special piece.

Amid the current climate, people really want to focus on the positive moments and the loved ones and accomplishments they are grateful for and proud of. The team is finding the pieces are instilling a sense of togetherness during these difficult times apart.