David Yurman Debuts Fall 2020 Campaign

September 14, 2020  20:20  |  News

This season, David Yurman chose to renew its timeless celebration of relaxed American luxury in a contemporary way. Reflecting the brand’s philosophy, the campaign captures ease and emotion, bringing David Yurman collections to life on the body. Inspired by the work of Brian Clarke—the most celebrated stained-glass artist in the world today—the Fall campaign injects a collage of colour and light by setting David Yurman jewellery against Clarke’s inspirational works.

David Yurman Debuts Fall 2020 Campaign

Photo – David Yurman archive ©

While Brian Clarke and David Yurman work with different mediums, they have followed similar paths in their careers. As artists, they strive to elevate their craft into an art form, working to achieve beauty through framing light and colour – for Clarke, most notably in stained glass and for Yurman, in jewellery. Both artists have taken a traditional, classical viewpoint in their mediums, and applied modern technologies and innovative methods of integrating unique materials. It is their shared curiosity and attention to detail that unites them, along with their appreciation of the transformation of light as it passes through translucent materials – such as glass and gemstones. The relationship between art and jewellery is exemplified in this campaign, highlighting the brand’s artistic reverence and sensibility.

As a family-led design house, there is an inherent continuity running through David Yurman jewellery. The collections featured in this campaign offer a range of signature designs, meaningful motifs, and one-of-a-kind pieces in an array of mixed metals and brightly hued stones. Each piece is designed to be layered together and to express the wearer’s unique style.

“Brian’s work creates a sense of euphoria… when the light illuminates, it transforms darkness into a kaleidoscope of colour. His works bring joy and revitalize our world, inspiring a new kind of beauty,” says co-founder and chief designer David Yurman. “Given the current state of the world, his work feels especially meaningful—the human spirit craves beauty and joy, even in the most challenging times.”

The campaign also underscores David Yurman’s title sponsorship of Brian Clarke’s ‘The Art of Light’ exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. In September 2020, Clarke’s exhibition opened to the public, presenting an immersive exhibition of radical stained glass. Animated by changing light and exuberant, saturated colours, his monumental glass screens, together with paintings, compositions in the lead and related drawings, will transport audiences to the very frontier of what is possible in this centuries-old medium today.

“Jewelry and stained glass are united by a mutual and profound dependence upon light,” says Brian Clarke. “They also historically share a breathless search for meaning through the beauty and a desire to make life lustrous and enchanting whenever and wherever they can.”

David Yurman’s partnership with Brian Clarke emphasizes the brand’s ongoing support of the arts and cultural institutions, which is critically important now more than ever.






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