Covered in Daydreams: the space between our thoughts by AMH

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Covered in Daydreams: the space between our thoughts by AHM

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To dream is at the very essence of what it means to be human. AMH brand, curated by creative director Ashley Marc Hovelle, aims to highlight the difference between fast and contemporary fashion and to show that each piece, created with special attention and care, brings uniqueness, individuality and strength for personality. “Hey you! Yeah, you!” – says Ashley and invites to escape reality and lets the mind to become lost in the thoughts of what the fabric of the world offers with the collection – Covered in Daydreams: the space between our thoughts. Join AMH journey and be one of 27 people to own a 1.5 Million Stitch Sweatshirt! Every Sweatshirt takes 24 hours to embroider using 12 machine heads working simultaneously.

Covered in Daydreams: the space between our thoughts by AHM

“1,5 Million Stitch Sweatshirt” Kickstarters campaign sounds pretentious. I am curious aboutthe idea behind it: what do you promise and what can be expected?

As the collection title is ‘Covered in daydreams: the space between our thoughts’. A cloud for me is a thought that is always changing; yet always dispersed by the suns light. Design always comes first at the company. The image in my mind was to create a beautifully appliqued sweatshirt inspired by M.C. Esher and ancient Japanese art. After a meticulous creative process we whittled it down to a final design as it is. Like most creative processes, you find the solution to solve your design needs.

It turned out after talking to my producers that the pattern we had created would take 12 hours to embroider every square meter and 24 hours to create just one sweatshirt. Every square metercontains 760,000 stitches, both sweatshirt and t-shirt uses at least 2 meters of fabric.

Covered in Daydreams: the space between our thoughts by AHM

I have a feeling you far from being a believer of the future of mass production, right?  Tell me about the conditions and locations you produce your sweatshirts.

Yes, we don’t believe in a future of mass production and we want to support fair trade producers in North of Portugal by making our garments at some of the best factories in the world. We want to take a step back and honor craftsmanship that brings real value through originality and detail. We have been working with the embroiderer on previous collections and it was a natural fit, as we both appreciate high production standards.

Covered in Daydreams: the space between our thoughts by AHM

The campaign has just few days to reach the finish line and the result is going to be clear soon. What kind of rewards do you offer to backers?

In the project we offer our 1.5 million stitch sweatshirts and t-shirts of course, besides items with less embroidery for lower price points.

You seem to be a really brave guy. What was a reason which brought you to make a decision to choose a crowdfunding campaign?

I fell in love with this design.In order to make this happen we needed at least 27 pcs for production. Crowdfunding provides us with the opportunity to bring this intricate piece of clothing to life.

If we reach our goal, we will be very happy and so will our pledgers. The lessons and feedback we receive on this campaign maymotivate and help us kickstart new ideas in the future.

Support young fashion designer and contemporary fashion brand AMH on Kickstarter platform by joining HERE. Take part in the Kickstarter campaign and let Ashley’s dream to get between your thoughts. Few days to go!

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Covered in Daydreams: the space between our thoughts by AHM




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