“Coocoo” – calling for elegance

December 29, 2013  18:59  |  Fashion


Photos: https://www.facebook.com/coocoomos

For all of those who adore Scandinavian minimalism and good quality clothes… I am here to introduce to a new brand called Coocoo. It is a Lithuanian brand, which is screaming aesthetics and purity was first established near the shores of the Baltic Sea. Coocoo produces elegant casual wear, which is made from natural fabrics such as cotton, cashmere, silk, and wool in Lithuania by the local craftsmen. The concept and main aim of the brand is that every piece of clothing is made with love and care, also can be personalized for the measurements of your own figure.

Coocoo looks at casual wear in a different perspective – you do not need to be uncomfortable to be fashionable. Great quality fabrics in muted and natural colors combined with different textures are designed to make women feel fabulous and cozy at the same time. Coocoo’s woman is an active lady who is elegant and has a unique personality.

Finally, Coocoo is stepping into the market quickly with their new offering in Lithuania, but at the same time they are complementing the wave of elegant minimalism which seems not to go out of fashion season after season. Is a ‘sporty chic’ the new black?






Ina Budryte

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