Conor Mccreedy’s New and Biggest Creation Yet

September 25, 2018  20:53  |  News

Conor Mccreedy


MCCREEDYWORLD houses the artist’s experiences and luxury art inspired products, creating an ultra-luxurious art emporium and ecosystem that is vertically integrated to the core. The brand was inspired and built off the original paintings by Conor Mccreedy. The energy and feelings his art brings throughout people’s lives have now been transformed into his luxury products. High definition images have been taken from certain sections of his paintings and then legally trademarked into a copyright pattern that can be transferred onto ultra-high-end products. The reason for the patterns to be taken from sections of paintings is to avoid devaluing his rare and original paintings. Each year a new trademarked pattern from a section of his painting is launched onto the products.

The brand MCCREEDYWORLD is Inspired by the artist’s birthplace – Southern Africa and engineered in Switzerland. “Our philosophy is to create epic experiences through art, to inspire and to touch all senses from smells, visuals, sounds and of course taste, to transform people’s lives,” states Mccreedy. The brand surmises the visionary artist’s life as seen and experienced through his eyes, bringing art through people’s lives in a way like never before, turning it into the most adventurous and fabulous life experiences.

The first series of products to be introduced to the world are THE CANDLE and THE COFFEE. The three other key products are being launched soon with high-end collaborations: THE SNEAKER, THE TRUNKS and THE UMBRELLA. They will soon be available through You can experience them in THE BOUTIQUE by Mccreedy. Located in the ground floor of the MCCREEDYWORLD flagship in Zurich, Switzerland. This is an amazing concept that allows people from all over the world to experience this flawless ecosystem all inspired by art. Inside the flagship you can sit down, taste the coffee and view all the art products, even tour the studio and gallery, having the privilege to view paintings before they are sent to museums, galleries or auction houses.