Clean Conscious Skin Care

March 16, 2022  18:34  |  Beauty Fashion

Ellaquor recently announced the launch of their new line and the company continues to reveal aspects of their philosophy that impress the crowds.

Clean Conscious Skin Care

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“Our goal is to help customers lead a healthy lifestyle and live consciously by providing access to quality products and life tips,” stated Karina Almanza, Co-owner, Ellaquor. “Everyone deserves to use highly effective skincare without compromising health. Our products are made from the earth so that you can feel safe about what you’re putting into your body. Together with our community, we are taking a stand against toxins in personal care, refusing to settle for anything but the safest, most beneficial products. We’re offering a better, all-natural, kind of beauty.”

All Ellaquor’s products are designed to be effective, clean, and conscious. In addition, Ellaquor uses ingredients that are vegan, natural, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, eco-friendly, and acne-safe.

“When it comes to taking care of the earth, we take it very seriously,” said Bobby Uppal, Founder and Co-Owner, Ellaquor. “Everything from our ingredients, to containers, and even our packaging are earth-friendly. We take great pride in not bringing any harm to our planet. We are leading by example and making great efforts to build better habits in our corner of the world.”

Clean Conscious Skin Care

Owners, Bobby Uppal and Karina Almanza, have developed a company culture that embraces mindfulness of the mind, body, soul, and our planet. Founded in 2018, one of the company’s core values is that every ingredient is pure, natural, and derived from the earth. In addition to a list of highly beneficial ingredients, Ellaquor also has a restricted list that is avoided at all costs. Ellaquor’s ingredients are toxin-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free and acne-safe.

Committed to giving back, Ellaquor believes that reading can change the lives of children and, in turn, change the course of the world. To honour this belief, Ellaquor is currently working with local reading organizations and putting books in the hands of our younger generations. When you support Ellaquor, you invest in the future of our nation.




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