Cara’s Talents

March 4, 2013  11:42  |  Daily Inspiration Fashion

Cara’s Talents

Did you know that the model of 2012 did not want to be a model at all? The truth is that a girl carrying a big Delevingne family name wanted to be a singer? She even worked with a “Spice Girls” producer, but unfortunately, she lacked of talent so she went to a fashion world where she’s now so called “the next Kate Moss”. She obviously enjoys modeling but she’s not planning to stay in this industry for a long time because her dream now is to act. Cara can realize her dream right now while posing in front of the cameras and she owns it! Hopefully we’ll see her on the big screen one day and who knows, maybe she’ll be the star of Oscars. We picked some awesome videos of Cara showing her talents.

There she shows her passion for singing starring in “New GANG” video, where she is really singing! Maybe it is for Cara’s best she changed her path to modeling…

Now she imitates singing Shania Twain “Getcha Good” for Love magazine:

The last but not least talent that Cara showed us is…a talent of seduction. Video was made special for Valentine’s Day together with Love magazine:

So that’s Cara Delevingne. Which of her talents do you like most?





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