“Calm Water, Color Storm” by Janavi Mahimtura Folmsbee

March 23, 2022  21:08  |  News

Houston-based contemporary artist, Janavi Mahimtura Folmsbee, is pleased to announce her solo exhibition, “Calm Water, Color Storm.” Inspired by her deep-sea dives and travels through Egypt, Greece, and the Maldives, the immersive experience includes oil paintings, photography, sculpture, and installation works.

"Calm Water, Color Storm" by Janavi Mahimtura Folmsbee

Photo – Janavi Mahimtura Folmsbee’s archive ©

Located in the Upper Kirby Galleries, the exhibit, “Calm Water, Color Storm,” opened Saturday, February 26 at Heidi Vaughan Fine Art and closes on April 2.

At the centre of Folmsbee’s oeuvre is her deep passion for marine conservation. This exhibit is based on scientific research and serves as a culmination of years spent trying to draw attention to the health of the world’s oceans. The works also explore her travels and her childhood as a woman born and raised in Mumbai, India – along with the ability water has to unite us all.

“This exhibit is dedicated to the pure beauty and rich hues discovered within these global destinations,” shares Folmsbee. “The immersive art experience showcases marine ecosystems from opposite ends of our planet – a portrayal of the connective tethers that exist within water, art, and the marine world beneath the waves.”

Folmsbee’s drive to help the marine environment has grown since she began diving 11 years ago. She has completed 234 dives and works with marine scientists in the global community. She recently joined with scientist Dr. Adrienne Correa who runs an ecology lab at Rice University and sits on the Sanctuary Advisory Council for the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, as an advisory to the superintendent of the sanctuary through the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration.

“I hope to create a bridge between science and art, and I want to shine a light on an essential natural resource that is in dire need of our help,” states Folmsbee. “This is my reason and purpose.”




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