November 10, 2021  16:53  |  Beauty Fashion


Photo – BULK HOMME archive ©

The fastest-growing Japanese men skincare brand – BULK HOMME has partnered with China’s leading luxury beauty brand management group, USHOPAL, for its G round financing. BULK HOMME is the No. 1 men skincare brand in the D2C market in Japan. The signing was announced at this year’s CIIE China International Import Expo event, with USHOPAL and Bonnie&Clyde representing China’s leading international luxury brand group next to Estée Lauder, Shiseido, and L’oréal, generating extensive coverage from government and CCTV media, sharing how USHOPAL is changing the way brand building is done in China, and developing true consumer brand loyalty.

“Our vision has always been to become the world No. 1 men skincare brand, and we are rapidly expanding our business on a global scale. The reason to choose USHOPAL as our shareholder is the strategic importance of the China market for BULK HOMME. We are committed to working with USHOPAL with their outstanding ability to enter the Chinese market for brands.

We believe that USHOPAL will be a great partner in China and will contribute to BULK HOMME’s success in China,” – says BULK HOMME CEO Takuya Noguchi.




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