Bluboho “Unnamed Collection”

March 4, 2020  14:57  |  Fashion

Bluboho fine jewellery introduces the One of a Kind Unnamed Collection, a never before seen collection of engagement rings which the company describes as “rings all about you.”

The collection is designed around self-expression and centered on a curated engagement ring experience. Featuring a limited run of ten unique rings, bluboho plans to work with individual clients to create a bespoke name and story for each piece based on the true love story the ring will be used to commemorate.


Photos: Bluboho archives ©

Having gained a cult following for the poignant and expressive “stories” that accompany each of their jewellery pieces, bluboho is taking a new approach to connecting clients to their perfect forever rings. None of the ten rings in the collection have been given names; rather, clients will work with bluboho specialists to dream up the ideal name and story for their one of a kind ring based on their one of a kind love.

Bluboho co-founder Maggie Aurocco explains, “A name can be our greatest connection to something. For a person, their name is a means for them to connect to their individuality and a form of unspoken self-expression.” As such, bluboho hopes to work with clients to choose a ring, create a name, and tell a story that acts as a “complete reflection of who you both are.”

The One of a Kind Unnamed Collection is also aimed at those who love the idea of a customized ring but want support in that process. Each limited-edition piece can be paired with wedding bands or stacks of various rings to help them reach their story-telling potential.


One of a kind and ethically sourced Montana sapphires

The collection features a stunning range of “artist-cut” sapphires sourced from the United States. Procured raw from Montana, these gems have been refined by a master lapidarist in innovative and contemporary cut styles. His creative process is said to delicately uplift the depth of colour and sparkle in these dazzling gifts of the earth, and also ensures that rings in this collection will look unlike any other in their class.

Bluboho’s team of in-house designers and local artisans have then taken these sapphires and crafted custom ring designs that feature recycled yellow gold and a range of brilliant white diamonds used to perfectly frame and complement the centrepiece sapphires. And to truly make each piece stand out from the rest, they have been given a number from one to ten, which is delicately engraved on the inside of each hand-crafted band.




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