Blinc’s Journey to Making Conscious Cosmetics

March 22, 2021  18:50  |  Beauty Fashion

Blinc, the conscious cosmetics brand that makes elegant products that last through everything, today shares its plans to achieve environmental and social sustainability with its ‘Conscious Cosmetics’ initiative. Combining the highest-quality, ultra long-wear cosmetics with ethical production and its ongoing give-back model, Blinc leads the industry by example toward sustainable beauty.

Blinc's Journey to Making Conscious Cosmetics

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Despite the potential risks, Blinc has pledged to ensure its products are part of the solution rather than the problem. This promise includes utilizing ethically sourced ingredients in its products. In addition to Blinc’s longstanding commitment to being CRUELTY-FREE, when possible and without sacrificing the ultra long-wear performance Blinc products are known for, cosmetic formulas will be CLEAN, VEGAN and free from Gluten, harmful Sulfates, Parabens, Formaldehydes, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Palm Oil, Fragrance, Talc and more, starting with it’s recently launched Gel Eyeliner and UltraVolume Tubing Mascara.

“Having had time to reflect in 2020, we decided that just having a recycling logo on our products is not enough. As a team, we needed to think about our overall carbon footprint,” said Lewis Farsedakis, founder and CEO at Blinc Inc.

These sustainable practices have been made without affecting the ultra-long-wear hold and effortless removal of all Blinc products. Instead, its Conscious Cosmetics Initiative will enable customers to feel good about the products they use daily. One such change has been switching to Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) packaging, which ensures that more trees are planted for each that is harvested. This aids in the regeneration of harvested trees and maintains and improves soil structure and fertility. Another example has been Blinc’s departure from aluminium components to PCR plastics.

“We are not 100% there yet. Our Conscious Cosmetics Initiative is an ongoing journey that we have decided to embrace and instil in our corporate philosophy to reach a goal of making great cosmetics that are environmentally friendly from purchase to disposal,” said Farsedakis.

In addition to environmental responsibility, Blinc’s Conscious Cosmetics Initiative is committed to social responsibility. Blinc continues to ensure all its products are created responsibly via ethical human labour and sourcing to ensure no harm to human life or nature. Blinc is also cruelty-free, with zero animal testing and is proud to support American jobs with 70% of its supply chain budget going towards US suppliers and manufacturers.

To further its philosophy beyond its products, Blinc’s Conscious Cosmetics Initiative includes a give-back campaign that partners with local, national, and international charities to enrich all society members’ quality of life. Designated charity partners are reviewed annually and include organizations that support causes for women, children, equality, those in need and the environment.






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